Eye-catching packaging can make a huge difference for businesses when delivering their products. According to a recent study by one of the leading paper and packaging industries, around 72% of consumers corroborated that packaging design is a significant factor in purchasing decisions. It is unequivocal that aesthetic packaging helps businesses stand out as a brand. Apart from this, quality packaging is vital in boosting product sales. It is essential to remember how indispensable it is to promote high-quality packaging and target printing. Thus, we must pay attention to this crucial aspect as it makes the products highly relevant and appealing. 


Another observable truth is that good packaging always sells regardless of the product's quality. Perhaps that’s why it is imperative to grasp that packaging and targeted printing affect consumer psychology. If you offer products in attractive packaging, this can undoubtedly impact consumer perception, boosting sales!  


→ Staying Ahead in the Sales Game


Packaging was once considered an integral product component under the marketing plan. However, it is considered separate at present. If you ever visit a superstore, you’ll find various products stored on the shelves or online platform. Well, there is nothing to be surprised if we say that most people will always pick a product based on its design and packaging. Even the shopkeepers go for products that appear eye-catching. Similarly, highlighting the essentials on the packaging is equally important as it allows your product to distinguish itself from the competition.  


In addition, you ought to realize that consumers read the label to ensure they choose the right product. The information mentioned on the packaging is instrumental in the consumer’s selection process. Focusing on displaying your brand logo along with other essential elements on the packaging is fundamental. After all, this makes consumers aware of your brand and makes it more accessible for them to recall it for future purchases.  


→ How Packaging Influences Consumer Choices


The elements of packaging attract customers more than anything else. Images, font colours, print styles, and the entire composition are the linchpins to attract more buyers. Consumers even buy products they might have never considered buying when the packaging meets their expectations. For example, products with bright colours, specially shaped packaging, and unique text garner more attention than normal ones. After all, product packaging affects buyers’ feelings. In like manner, customers purchasing an expensive product, irrespective of its price tag, are stimulated by secret or positive emotions.  


→ Crucial Components That Contribute Towards the Sales of a Product: 


  • Empathy

  • Humour

  • Brand Story

  • A Sense of Belongingness

  • Images/Graphics Which are Identified Easily

  • Admiration 


The best packaging doesn’t necessarily have a variety of designs or aesthetics. On the contrary, it is stirred by particular connections and feelings towards customers. Therefore, always make sure not to overlook the emotional aspect. Active and intelligent packaging adds value that is also enticing for the digital-native audience in both the physical and virtual worlds.  


→ Essential Components for Eye-catching Packaging and Targeted Printing: 


  • Simple and Clear Packaging Design 


Clear product packaging helps consumers see the product's size, shape, colour and other intricate details. Some packaging focuses on a product’s finer features, but clear packaging lets consumers know about all the little details. 


  • Honesty in Packaging


Exhibiting honesty through the printing of products makes it easier for consumers to compare these with other options. On the positive side, this facilitates consumers' decision-making and helps businesses comply with the law. 


  •  An Attractive Logo and Color Combination  


Brands do their best to cultivate solid emotional connections with their customers. A logo is of cardinal importance in this regard! As noted, emotions are powerful and have the potential to drive decision-making. Along with the logo, using the right colours is equally crucial. 


  • Shelf Impact


It is a critical element that decides a package’s ability to sell itself in a highly competitive market. It can also be considered a marketing function broadly signifying a product’s presence in a store or a supermarket. For this reason, a product has to have a penetrating appearance so it gets noticed by consumers. 


  •  Functionality 


Another significant aspect is the functionality of the product packaging. Hence, businesses must ensure the packaging film's design layers are robust. This sets the seal on its prolonged shelf life and safeguards it from wear and tear. Good quality packaging discerningly has a longer expiration time than substandard packaging.  


→ Final Thoughts 


There is a reasonable amount of striking packaging and tailored printing options. However, it is paramount to consider your audience, brand, product type, industry, and functionality. Successful packaging distinguishes you from the rest, resulting in increased sales. Given these points, custom packaging and design are the best ways to gain a competitive advantage. Personalized packaging ensures that customers notice your product and holds the promise of increased sales.

Tagsen offers custom packaging services that eventually benefit your brand, helping you elicit a positive customer response. With extensive experience in the industry, we have honed our skills and expertise for vast sectors. Researching the feelings and requirements of a large consumer base has aided us in delivering packaging ideas that resonate with your consumers. Connect for a piece of detailed information!